Architecture Student



spring | 2014

block weave

collaboration with: Sinan Goral and Ethan Young

Given a block and the affect, woven, the challenge was to design an aggregating system that manipulated the block to create the desired affect. Through a variety of iterations, we discovered it was possible to make a 3-dimensional knot of woven bricks by interlocking two different axes together. The different axes allow for the system to aggregate in all directions. Blue and red identity marks add an additional playfulness to the final sculpture while highlighting our use of two different bricks were used to create the two main axes. Simple notching maintains the sculpture's structural integrity.

parson's table

Utilizing wood shop and joinery details, this project explored corners and connections in a parson's table. Designed as a coffee table, the exploration experimented with creating interactive, moving parts for the user to fiddle with. The table consists of square rods with grooves cut into each side, allowing for flexibility of the piece to house the moving parts and be connected structurally. The moving pieces exist in a gradient, the longer, heavier pieces weigh the table down, and smaller, lighter pieces move towards the cantilevered side. The moving parts sit between the rods at a 45 degree angle to add interest and ease movement.

marble mover

The goal of this exploration was to create a design using only paper and sticks to start and stop a marble. I was instantly intrigued by the relationship of the marble and the paper, how the two would interact. Through pursuing this interest, I designed a rocker to move with the weight of the marble. The sticks work to maintain the form of the paper while counteracting the weight of the marble as it moves back and forth along the paper. They also serve to define different starting "gates" for the marble; each "gate" leads to a slightly different curve in the path of the marble from all the others.