Architecture Student
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Hoop House

H O O P  H O U S E

fall | 2014

collaboration with: Xiaoyu Jiang, Ivy Monroe, Pam Pan, Jessica Sved

Working with heat shrunk, greenhouse plastic and 10' pieces of lightweight, aluminum conduit, the hoop house explored creating a portable shelter that elongated the growing season of a planter bed. This project was a community outreach, design-build project that was installed in Larimer Community Gardens, Pittsburgh, PA. As part of this project, we created a set of construction drawings to give to the clients as a way to explain the assembly and use of the hoop house. 

design process

Our process focused on experimenting with ways to make the hoop house more sculptural, while still efficient. We achieved this by creating removable shells, which overlapped and nested inside one another. This layering technique was designed to provide more insulation for the plants as the weather grew colder. The removable shells also allow for easy access to the plants on either end and nest together for convenient storage during off seasons. 

construction process

Each shell was created with a unique formwork to bend the conduit around and get the correct radius. Extra length was obtained by sliding two pieces of conduit into a larger radius piece of conduit and bolted in place. Bracing within the shells maintains the structure for the plastic to shrink to and bracing between the shells holds the entire structure together on site.