Architecture Student

Carnegie Library Addition

C A R N E G I E  L I B R A R Y  A D D I T I O N

spring | 2014


Parasite: an organism that lives in or on another organism (its host) and benefits from deriving nutrients at the host's expense. Given this word as a starting point, this project prompted for an addition or renovation to an existing building in Pittsburgh, PA. The parasite could be invasive or gentle depending on what response the design was attempting to achieve.

The Oakland branch of the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh was the first library to open a children's section. Choosing to highlight this, I created a parasite attaching to the children's library on a main axis in the building. This parasite serves as a new entrance directly into the children's section. It is made of a folding glass structure, in reference to a previous installation in the library, and to allow light to still pass through to the south facing facade. The structure consists of a ramp for access into the library, a balcony for the second floor, and a wall that drops down only high enough off the ground for children to pass under. The structure also functions as a place to project movies.