Architecture Student
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Booth is a tradition on Carnegie Mellon's campus that allows students to design, build and decorate wood framed structures for visitors to walk through and enjoy. The booth is expected to include a game, electricity, and follow construction standards. They are built on site within 6 days, but the design process and preparation takes all semester.

mario party | 2016

As a booth chair for Kappa Kappa Gamma's Mario Party booth, I was responsible for designing the overall structure of the booth and leading the completion of the construction. With this responsibility, I created construction drawings, held build hours to help teach the rest of the chapter how to build, and lead the overall construction of the booth on site. The main feature of our booth structurally was the inclusion of a split level in the design that created a three tiered exterior. This also allowed for a double height ceiling in one of the rooms in order to incorporate a waterfall and plenty of vertical 3-D art that took advantage of the tall ceiling. The split level was an exposed porch that faced the rest of the booths so that visitors could have an overview of them all. The true second floor roof was made of exposed rafters and covered in a tent that allowed for air flow and light to pass through the room. Working in section made our booth unique from all the other organizations that generally design in plan. 

In addition to leading the structural design, I worked with the other booth chairs to come up with the design plan for all of the artwork in order to take advantage of the unique structural features. I also lead the mural designs by sketching with anyone who wanted help as well as painting my own mural. 

magic tree house | 2015

As a room chair for Kappa Kappa Gamma's Magic Tree House booth, I was responsible for leading the completion of the stairs room, including individually painting the watering hole and jungle 8' x 8' wall murals. I also helped with overall construction of the booth and installing a two-story paper mache tree.